Sherika’s 40th Birthday Special - 40% off nutrition coaching

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Hey fit fam!  Thanks for shopping my birthday special for nutrition coaching. 

People will tell me, “Sherika you don’t look 40. You look amazing.” 

Truth is…my nutrition for the past 15 years have not only contributed to the way my body looks, but most how my body feels.  

I want to share with you the joy that my fitness journey has brought me.  

Check out this amazing special: 


✔️ Customized meal plan

✔️ Meals to fit your lifestyle 

✔️ Personal phone call with our certified nutrition coach 

✔️ Body scan with Fit3D device (available at our gym) 

✔️ Access for 30 days to submit questions and receive live answers 

✔️ Weekly check in with photos