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Thank you for signing up for Sherika Fitness Special Summer Offer.  We're happy to have you join our gym.  You will be motivated to reach your fitness goals and get active!

After you register, please check your email for a list of the fitness schedule and calendar to book your first workout session and Fit3D body assessment.

Below is the information for the Sherika Fitness Summer Special:

  • Workout sessions:  You will receive up to (5) sessions to any of our group fitness classes.  
    • This group classes are for both men and women.
  • Fit3D body assessment: Includes a Fit3D body assessment scan.  Calculates your body fat, measurements, lean mass vs. fat mass, and more.

  • Nutrition Plan Guidance:  You will receive a "Nutrition Plan Guidance" that will give you tips and advice on how to eat in order to be healthy, in shape, and see results.  This nutrition guidance plan will teach you how to eat for a sustainable lifestyle and avoid crash dieting.  You will learn how to have a good relationship with food.

  • 10% off discount:  If you join any one of our programs, you will receive 10% of any services during the months of June and July.
  • Terms and Conditions:  This is a limited time offer.  Your group sessions will start your first day of attending and it will end 7 days after your first in-gym visit.  This pass can't be combined with other promos and specials.  One pass per person.  

    If you cancel/missed appointment/no show, you will have one complimentary time to reschedule with the special offer.  After the complimentary reschedule, the special offer expires. 

    Our team is composed of certified trainers with combined years of experience with bodybuilding, sports, and healthy nutrition.  

    The nutrition plan is not designed by a nutritionist or a licensed nutrition specialist.  Please consult with your physician with any concerns or recommendations to your specific needs.