Sherika Fitness Boxing and Weights (Saturday Classes)
Sherika Fitness Boxing and Weights (Saturday Classes)

Sherika Fitness Boxing and Weights (Saturday Classes)

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Sherika Fitness introduces our new package offer to attend Saturday workouts.  No long term commitment!

Join the hottest Saturday workout in the City!  Boxing is one of most trending sports and workouts across the country.  Boxing is at its all-time high with fights from superstar YouTubers, celebrities, and can join the craze of boxing fitness at Sherika Fitness.

No experience is needed.  Our boxing trainers will sharpen up your boxing skills with learning simple combos, defense, and learning the science of boxing.  

The workout has a boxing and weight training split.  Spend half of the class busting the boxing moves and the other half doing intense muscle-building weight training. 

    Each session will consist of these dope things:

    • Hitting the heavy bag
    • Rounds of boxing conditioning such as jumprope, footwork, and more
    • Weight lifting
    • Core strength 

    Things to note:

    • This is a Co-ed training session
    • You can purchase a new pair of boxing gloves at our gym
    • Bring your own boxing gloves and wraps
    • First timers can borrow a pair of gloves and protective wraps


    Cool Incentives for joining:

    • Access to our private Facebook Group
    • Invitations to special events
    • Promos and discounts


    **This is a recurring monthly subscription.  Cancel anytime by sending a 30-day cancellation email to admin@sherikafitness.  After you cancel, there will be one more payment for the last 30 days of services.

    **There are no make-up sessions.

    **Saturday only