Sherika and Traci's Snap Back Season Nutrition Coaching Program

Sherika and Traci's Snap Back Season Nutrition Coaching Program

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Coach Sherika and Traci 

We know that nutrition plays an important role in the realization of our fitness goals, but it's so easy to get distracted by the day to day activities of life.  Not to mention how overwhelming making the right choices can be with all the information available.  Or, maybe you've made progress, but now you're at a standstill.  What's next?

If you don't have a strategic plan, you will find yourself struggling with the recurring issues.  It's frustrating to know that you have the willpower to change, but lack systems and a plan to help navigate triggers ultimately resulting in months or even years of little to no process.

Think about the famous phrase "it takes a village to raise a child."  This proverb explains what happens when a like-minded community joins forces and invests in the future of a child. Although you're not a child, having a collaborative system in place will facilitate your growth and understanding of best practices.

Sherika and Traci's Snap Back Season Program is the perfect program for you.  You're receive the important tools, coaching, and support required to see lasting results. 

When you join our exclusive training program, you will work with two very passionate trainers and bikini bodybuilders.  We will help you to figure out what works best for your unique body type, lifestyle, and goals.  There is only ONE you honey, and we're putting together a game plan specifically for you. 


Below is what's included in the program: 


  • 30-minute virtual consultation to review your macros, educate about flexible dieting, and discuss your goals and triggers

  • Weekly 15-minute coaching calls with Traci to discuss your game plan, areas of improvement, and assignments 

  • 24-hour access to ask questions and share your progress

  • (1) customized meal plan based on your body composition, goals, and preference for the food section 

  • Daily submission of what foods you're eating using the app Voxer

  • Grocery List

    Policy and Procedures:

    After you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email that explains the next steps for your onboarding process.  

    This is a recurring payment.  Your can discontinue your services after consecutive three months.